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April 29th, 2014 -

DC musician and producer Yomimbi & DJ/producer Jerome Baker III have teamed up to release their debut EP “Extended Play”. Garnering positive praises from the likes of DJ Mick, Nick Catchdubs as well as DC clothing label Durkl, and writer extraordinaire Marcus Dowling, the EP serves as an introduction to the various production styles favored by the duo. Production on the EP ranges from 80s new wave, dance, deep house to the more tropical stylings of moombahton.

The lead single “I Want It” gained unprecedented success online and in nightclubs across the US. DJs of all stylings played the song in dive bars, bottle service clubs, dance nights, etc. to crowds that were beyond receiving and supportive. Most Notable highlights include, the single being played by DJ Wonder on Shade 45 and the inclusion of the single in DJ Impulse “Sun In My Eyes 2” mix.

Currently based in DC, Yomimbi & Jerome Baker III are deeply rooted in the local music scene. Both artists are influenced by music of today and yesteryear. They strive to create songs that appeal to all people and will leave no stone (or sound) unturned. Being able to showcase a diverse production ability was central in the creation and release of this EP - letting fans and fellow musicians alike know that this wasn’t anything trendy or expected to hear.